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 Academy Brass Quintet
 active in northern Ohio (Toledo area)
 Adirondack Brass Quintet
 started in 1994, playing in northern NY and southern Quebec
 Albion Brass Consort
 A group active in England
 quintet in Bremerhaven, Germany
 Alloy Brass
 Minneapolis, MN is home for this group.  A euphonium provides the tenor voice in place of trb.
 Amadeus Brass Quintet
 A northern Ireland goup
 Ambient Brass
 Houston, TX group started in 1992
 American Brass Quintet  Charles Schuchat at Northern Illinois University is listed as a member
 Annapolis Brass Quintet  America's first full time brass ensemble (1971) - CDs & tours
 Art of Brass Copenhagen
 founded in 1966 in Copenhagen, Denmark
 Arkansas Brass
 (slow site) playing somewhere in Arkansas
 Armstrong Brass Quintet
 Professional musicians and music educators from Armstrong County, PA
 Asbury Brass Quintet
 Chicago group that once included trumper Adolph Herseth
 Asbury Brass Quinet
 part of Asbury College music program, Tulsa, OK
 Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet  Atlanta, GA - members of Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
 Atlanta Brassworks
 Mark Hughes is a member of Brassworks and the Atlanta Symphony Brass Quintet
 Atlantic Brass Quintet  resident ensemble at Boston School for the Arts
 Barefoot Brass Quintet  An Englsh group, in mid Cornwall
 Barringtron Brass
 five seasoned instrumentalists from the Chicago area
 Basel Brass Quintet
 focused on music of Gabrieli, Scheidt, Schutz, and Baroque etc.  arrangements by members
 Bayfield Brass
 Annapolis, Maryland group with mp3 samples
 Bay Street Brassworks
 located in Baltimore, MD - winner at 2003 NY Brass Quintet Conf.
 Beltway Brass
 performing in the Wash. D.C area.  Interesting Xmas arrangements avail.
 Bend in the River Quintet
 providing music to south west Indiana  (Evansville, Newburgh, and Owensboro, KY)
 Bergen Brass Quintet
 Available for performance in the NJ/NY metro area, with a flexible and varied repertoire
 Bluebonnet Brass  since 1990, home in Ft. Worth, TX
 Blue Hill Brass
 New England group, active around Brunswick, Maine
 Borealis Brass Quintet
  home is Norther Michigan Univeristy of Minnesota, Mark Flaherty
 Borealis Brass Quintet
 This group is from the Netherlands
 Boston Brass  recordings and concert Schedule
 Brass Act
 San Francisco area group, together since 1985
 Brass Burger
 An Austrian brass quintet, with good music and lots of show and humor
 Brass City Brass
 If in the Waterbury, CT area, check out this group
 Brass Ensemble of Houston
 If you are in Houston, TX, good brass quintet music is close at hand.
 Brass Express
 All Aboard! this group travels and performs in the Maryland area.
 Brass Roots Brass Quintet  San Antonio is home for this group - check out their interesting Links page.
 Brasswind  Northern IN- a Christain quintet and more
 Brass Qunitet of the Australian Army Band
 This is one of several ensembles using army band members
 Brasserie Braunschweig  German quintet -address changed and unknown!!
 Bravo Brass Quintet
 versitle group from Jenks, OK
 Bravura Brass
Central Pennsylvania group, featuring customized programs
 Bravura Brass Quintet
 Dalla Fort Worth area group not to be confused with the PA group.
 Brethren Brass
 New Carlisle, OH is home for this group  (click the French horn to see their pages)
 C Street Brass
 musicians from Peabody institute started this group in 2007
 Capital Brass  This group can be found in Brentwood, TN
 Capital Brass
 a faculty group from Capital University, Columbus OH.  contact Tony Zilincik
 Capital City Brass Quintet
 Saint Paul, Minnesota is home to this qroup.
 Capital City Brass Quintet
 Columbia, SC is home to this group
 The Canadian Brass  recordings, sheet music, tour info
 Canton Symphony Brass Quintet  Canton, OH  no info other than orchestra affiliation
 Carolina Brass
Summit Recording artists from North Carolina
 Columbus, IN group,  players affiliated with Indiana University
 Cedar Valley Brass
 a group with a diverse repertoire, home base is western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota
 Celebration Brass Quintet
 good looking group bringing music to Chicago area
 Center City  performing and touring group that doesn't advertise locale, but book through NY.  Music published on Art Of Sound Music
 Central Iowa Brass Quintet
 based in Ames, Iowa. The group performs all styles of music
 Champaign Brass  East Central Illinois (web pages have nice animated figures)
 Chestnut Brass
 formed in 1977, concert and educational programs, based in Philadelphia, PA,
 Chatham Brass
 Members of the Chatham, NJ community band 
 Cincinnati Brass Quintet
 Good young players in Cincinnati with lots of promise
 Chicago Classic Brass  Chicago is home to this fine group
 Classic Brass Inc. Minneapolis, St.Paul group - arrangements available for sale
 Cleveland Brass Works
  Cleveland Ohio group with percussion
 Coburn Brass
 Group focusing on performance of Civil War era music, located in Centre Co. PA
 Colorado Brass Quintet
 The Colorado Brass Quintet is the faculty ensemble of the University of Colorado at Boulder Brass Department
 Consort Immanuel
 Houston, TX, multiple ensembles under this name, including a quintet
 Constitution Brass of Vermont  concerts with commentary - fee schedule listed
 Clarion Brass Quintet
 Cincinnati based group.  alternate web site by Dave Haldeman
 Clarion Brass Quintet
 Dwight Wages moved from Cincinnati to Ontario and started a second quintet there with the same name.  Has started another Clarion Brass quintet in Tennessee
 Clarion Brass Quintet
Dwight Wages has started another Clarion Brass quintet in Tennessee
 Clarion Brass
 this group is based in the Chicago,IL area
 Clarion Brass
 formed in 1994 in the St. Louis, MO area
 Copper Street Brass Quintet
 started in Minneapolis, MN in 2008
 Crossroads Brass
 Wabash Valley, near Terre Haute, Indiana, is home turf for this quintet.
 da Capo Brass
 This group has roots in the Greensboro, NC area
 Dallas Brass  Garland, TX - frequent concert tours
 Downeast Brass
 Southern and Central Maine is home to this group.  Dwight Tibbitts also has several good arrangements published.
 EKU Brass Quintet  faculty at Eastern Kentucky
 El Paso Brass  connected to El Paso Symphony
 Emmanuel Brass Quintet
 serving central Indiana churches, near Zionsville - address changed and unknown!!
 Empire Brass  tour info, CD, and music for sale
 Fine Arts Brass
 British group, recording on Nimbus records
 Five of a Kind Brass Quintet
 Edmonton, Alberta
 Foothills Brass  Calgary, Canada
 Gaudete Brass
 A vibrant group that performs in the Chicago and Milwaukee area
 Georgia Brass Quintet  Univ. of Georgia faculty quintet-hosts competition in odd yrs
 Harmonium Brass Quintet
 here is a classy group from north central Missouri
 Heritage Brass Quintet  Formed in the early 80's this group makes their home in Cleveland, OH
 Highlands Brass Quintet.pdf
 Located at the Westpoint, NY military academy. 
 Holborne Brass Ensemble
 A British group that calls West Midlands, UK home - great credentials
 Horizons Brass Quintet
 This youthful group performs in the the Oshkosh, WI .  This link is to a Facebook page.
 Houston Lyric Brass
 University of Houston, Tx group started in 1989  - address changed and unknown!!
 Performing new and exclusive brass repertoire.
 Iowa Brass Quintet  resident faculty quintet at University of Iowa
 Kinsmen Brass
 Houston, Tx - performing frequently at Kinsmen Lutheren Church, contact the church
 Lancaster Brass Quintet
 Lancaster, PA
 Lanier Brass
 quintet available for weddings and concerts in Atlanta area
 London City Brass Quintet
 London, G.B. - young artists with great potential
 Lone Star Brass   facebook  ensemble from the Midland-Odessa Symphony, TX
 Lyric Brass Quintet
 Baltimore, MD - dedicated to brass chamber music
 Madison Brass  Madison, WI is home for this active group
 Main Street Brass New Jersey -E.Penn., a  mature ensemble
 Majestic Brass  Boston, MA
 Manhattan Brass Quintet  New York freelance group
 Manotick Brass
 an active amateur group from Canada, near Ottawa
 Market Street Brass
 based in Fredrick, MD, a versatile group of seasoned performers
 Market Street Brass
 Faculty ensemble at University of N. Carolina Greensboro
 Maxx Brass
 active and retired personnel at Maxwell AFB, nice sousaphone bell cover
 Melos Brass
 performing throughout Greece
 The Menlo Brass  San Francisco, CA - many original arrangements in repertoire
 Meridian Arts Ensemble  New York City brass quintet + percussion
 Motor City Brass Quintet ((MCBQ)
 Metropolitan Detroit, MI area group, formed in 2000
 New Dimensions Brass Quintet
 Shreveport, LA is home to this quintet.  Nicely organized web site.
 New Mexico Brass Quintet  faculty and graduate students at Univ. of NM, recordings at Eroica
 North Carolina  Brass
 located in Raleigh, NC
 Northeast Top Brass
 musicians at the Naval Station in Newport, RI
 Nottingham Brass Quintet
 Prof. group located in Midlands, United Kingdom
 Nottingham Brass Quintet
 US group located in New Hampshire.
 Ohio River Brass Quintet
 Young vibrant, serious musicians performing classic to contemporary quintet music
 Oklahoma Faculty Brass Quintet  mostly music school info, no home page - contact  Karl Seivers
 Oshkosh Brass
 founded in 1991 in Oshkosh, WI
 Pacific Palisades Brass Quintet  Los Angeles area, no web page, contact trumpet player Larry Newman
 Paragon Brass Ensemble
 Houston, TX group started in 1983
 Paramount Brass
 based someplace in Asia. Jon Dante trpt, is in Hong Kong 2012
 Philadelphia Brass  eastern Pennsylvania prof. group, recordings
 Polished Brass  Cincinnati's most active brass quintet, Host of this page  
 Polished Brass of Ottawa
 Friends across the border with a similar name, making Canada a great place to live
 Portsmouth Brassworks  New Hampshire - very well designed pages
 Potsdam Brass Quintet  Crane School of Music resident quintet
 Premier Brass
 Located in Hendersonville, NC, featuring compositions by Peter Voisin
 Queen City Brass
 personnel keeps changing, doesn't match photos, but musically a very good
 Quintessential Brass
 Washington D.C. is home for this group, associated with the Quintessential Brass Publications.
 Regalia Brass Quintet
 performing a variety of music in the Boston, MA area
 Rhythm and Brass
 ensemble within the United States Air Force Band of the Golden West.
 Roanoke Chamber Brass Quintet
 an experienced ensemble based in southwestern Virginia
 Roasted Chestnuts
 based in southeastern Illinois
 Roscoe Brass Quintet  Performing around Coshocton, OH
 Rum River Brass
 Performers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, blogs and MySpace links
 Saginaw Brass Quintet
 Saginaw, MI is home for this quintet (formerly named FCC brass quintet)
 Saint Louis Brass Quintet
 a touring group of professionals
 St. Paul's Brass
 Carlisle, PA - emphasizing music in church services
 The Santa Cruz Brass  sheet music available
 Seventh Chapter of Fine Brass  Australian funk driven group w/perc. and kbd
 Shepherds Brass Quintet
 Regular performers at the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheren Church,  McHenry, IL
 Slovene Brass Quintet
 members of the Slovenian Philharmonic
 Sonoran Brass Quintet
 professional group from Phoenix, Arizona
 Spectrum Brass Quintet
 This 6:30" promo shows off a very accomplished group.  Includes, drums, piano, soprano vocalist.
 Strasbourg Brass Quintet
 from Alsac France.  visit the myspace page for sound samples
 Summit Hill Brass Quintet  St. Paul, Minnesota, contact University of Minnesota professor David Baldwin
 Suncoast Brass of Southwest Florida
 meet this group on Facebook and make new friends
 Symphony Brass Quintet, USA
 tours available, and some interesting arrangements
 Synergy Brass Ensemble
 Cambridge, MA - youthful, popular with schools , youtube video
 Timberline Brass
 this quintet brings fine brass music to central Iowa
 Top Brass
 Norwich, UK group
 Top Brass of Louisville
 Louisville, KY group, performed at the Great American Brass Band Festival
 Top Brass Quintet
 Lake Havasu City is home for this group
 Touch of Brass  Cincinnati group, link to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, close ties with Polished Brass
 Touch of Brass
 Jim Markum's group is located in souther Illinois
 Touch of Brass of British Columbia
 A group from Cananda with an interesting background
 Tower Brass Quintet  Well traveled group based in Northern Ohio
 Tower Brass Quintet of Chicago
 Chicago group, no web page, only YouTube clip from 2007
 Triton Brass Quintet
 Quintet in Residence at Boston College, Massachusetts
 US Army Brass Quintet
 free download of music by the quintet
 Universty of Nebraska Faculty Brass Quintet
 Faculty at Lincoln, Nebraska
 Valdosta State Faculty Brass Quintet  Valdosta College, Georgia
 Vintage Brass
 Cape Coral, and southwest  Florida group, started in 2006
 Washington Brass Quintet
 performing in the West Bend, Wisconsin
 Wessex Brass Quintet
 versatile group performing in southern England
 Westwind Brass  San Diego State University ensemble in residence -tours and recordings
 Whitewater Brass Quintet
 resident faculty quintet at Univ. of Wisconsin-Whitewater
 Windsor Brass Ensemble  Minneapolis-St.Paul area group
 Windward Brass Ensemble  members of the Navy band Southeast - Jacksonville, FL
 Wisconsin Brass Quintet
 resident faculty quintet at Univ. of Wisconsin- Madison
 Woodstock Brass Quintet
 performing near Port Ewen, NY
 Wormshead Top Brass
 Wales and Southwest England is home for this group

updated March 9, 2012

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Andrew Kissling arr of brass music
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Bill Holcombe Publications - consistently great arrangements
Brass Clef
Brass Music Online view score and hear midi version
Brassworks 4 Publishing  (Sample scores for review online)
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Editions Marc Reift   Switzerland
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Gulf Wind Music   (downloadable sample parts and sounds).
Harry Stanton composer/arranger
Hickman Music Editions 
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Kagarice Brass Editions
Matt Kingston Matt Kingston, composer, arranger with pdf downloads
Music Print Dokkum
  (Dutch site with English and Nederland links)
Music for Brass (several arrangements by Dave Taylor)
Jari Villanueva composer and arranger, many civil war era selections
J.W. Pepper (over 1000 items returned on search for "brass quintet")
Jay Lichtmann arr. at University of Hartford, free arrangements in .pdf files.
Quintessential Brass Publications
Peakview Music Company
Robert King Music
Salvation Army Carolers' Favorites
Select  a Press
Serendipity Press
Sheet Music Plus
Sibelius (many composers' works, listen with plugin, buy and print)
Sigma Alpha Iota Brass quintet composers
Sneaky Yellow Dog Music
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Sonare Publications mostly organ and Brass, with sluggish order fullfillment
St. Paul's Brass
Tapestry Music
TBQ Press
The Internet Music shop
Theodore Presser
Thompson Editions Everthing plays a MIDI sound file
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